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World-Weary's Call for Submissions on Travel and Places

15 April 2010
World-Weary's Call for Submissions on Travel and Places
There are no boundaries as to who can submit to World-Weary, so long you produce work that we believe in.

Send all submissions and/or questions to WorldWearyJournal [at] gmail.com

World-Weary is always looking for great work, but the final deadline for our Summer 2010 inaugural issue is May 10, 2010. Works submitted after this deadline will be considered for future print issues as well as online publication.

The editors will reply to all submissions in less than one month. Please do not contact the editors to check on the status. We will send you a confirmation e-mail within 72 hours of receipt of your work. If World-Weary does not accept your work, you will receive an impersonal, yet honest reply. You'll never know if it was because we didn't like your pink font, or perhaps seven other people submitted pieces about similar topics, as we have a strict policy of not critiquing or editing work that we reject.

World-Weary retains only the first publication rights to accepted work. All further rights remain the property of the author. Authors are required to provide an electronic version of their work.

What We Are Looking For/Submission Guidelines

1. World-Weary only accepts non-fiction, scholarly, and fiction work about people, places, and movement. This means no poetry, drawings, or scripts. In the event that your work is selected, we may ask if you have an accompanying photograph or photographs for your piece, but that's as far as we delve into the realm of photography.

2. There are no boundaries as to who can submit to World-Weary, so long you produce work that we believe in.

3. Question: Will my work be edited? Answer: Well, is the sky blue? Yes. Yes, your work will be edited. A wise man once said, "Behind every great writer is a great editor." If you disagree with this aphorism, then we suggest that you stop reading these guidelines and submit your work elsewhere. That said, World-Weary prides itself on providing top-quality editorial support to all writers whom we select to work with us. (Authors will be able to make final decisions on any piece before publication.)

4. Work submitted to World-Weary must be unpublished and not under consideration by any other magazine or journal. (Okay, we're not stupid. We know you've probably sent your submission elsewhere as well. Just don't think we're fooled...) World-Weary retains the publication rights to all works that we accept.

5. Submissions must include the author’s full name, address, and the best phone number to reach you at. We know you're important, but please, no pseudonyms...at least not without a really, really good reason for needing one. (An e-mail address does not qualify as your full name and address.)

6. There is no minimum or maximum length required of submissions, though work shorter than 500 words or longer than 5,000 words will be a harder sell. That said, please submit a word count with each submission. For our sake, please do not send more than three pieces of work at one time. We suggest that you send us only your best work, preferably after it has already been read and critiqued by someone else.

7. Please include your submission in the body of the e-mail and as a Microsoft Word (no .docx files, please) or OpenOffice.org compatible attachment. If submitting multiple pieces, there is no need to save each one as a separate file. We would prefer to only download and open one document per submission.

8. If you typically use any font other than something that can safely be classified as "standard" please don't use it in work submitted to us. Though colors like green and blue work well for clothes and cars, they're inappropriate for submissions to this organization.

9. If submitting a non-fiction piece, please fact-check your work. Should the editorial staff find more than two factual errors in any piece, it will no longer be considered for publication. The editors have all worked as fact-checkers, so we know the tricks of the trade and hope not to employ them.

(More information HERE.)
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