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Thin Threads: Call for Submissions

13 April 2010
Thin Threads: Call for Submissions
We look forward to connecting with the “Thin Thread” stories in your life!

Kiwi Publishing is looking for true, inspirational stories; 1200 words or less, that will make readers laugh, cry, or sigh. Stories should be positive, universal, and non-controversial. The "point" or "message" should be evident without preaching. No essays, commentaries, tributes, philosophical or biographical pieces will be accepted.
We are currently collecting stories in the following categories:

Thin Threads of Business & Career
Thin Threads of Money & Hardship
Thin Threads of Holidays & Celebrations (including Romance/Valentines Day)
Thin Threads of Teachers & Mentors
Thin Threads of Teens & Young Adults
Thin Threads® the Legacy Project – featuring fathers, mothers, grandparents
Thin Threads of New Moms & Dads

Each story must contain the following elements:
1. Be Real - non fiction
2. Capture the essence of a thin thread event
3. Evoke an emotion from the reader

You may submit more than one story for any of our upcoming titles. Please select stories from your own experiences, or from someone in your life.

Should your story be selected and be included in one of the Thin Thread book series, a permission fee of $100 will be paid to you. The submission deadline is May 2, 2010. To submit your story, click here.

If your story is selected for publication, you will be required to sign a submission release form. Click here to review the terms of that form before you submit your story. If unable to email, please send a hard copy (and on disk if possible) to: Thin Threads c/o of Kiwi Publishing P.O. Box 3852 Woodbridge, CT 06525.

(More information HERE.)
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