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SEXOLOGY: a Literary Journal of Sex Writing

08 April 2010
SEXOLOGY: a Literary Journal of Sex Writing
Sexology: An Online Literary Journal of Sex Writing is seeking submissions for its inaugural issue, which we're hoping will be mid-May 2010.

We are looking for the highest quality fiction, personal essays, and poetry that explores what sex means in our culture and on a personal level. This is not the same as erotica, which can be defined as literature or art intending to arouse sexual feelings. Sex writing may or may not have actual sex in its pages (although it usually does, and it will often overlap with erotica in that it can
be arousing). Please no pornography (sex for sex's sake), romance, or journalistic articles.

Pieces should be no more than 2000 words. Contributors are paid in gratitude and admiration. Send submissions in the body of an email and as a Word doc to

(More information HERE.)
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