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Seeking Linguists in Every Spoken Language

08 April 2010
Seeking Linguists in Every Spoken Language
I am looking for professional linguists who specialize in translating, proofreading and/or editing. This is not a project but this is for an ongoing work relationship. Those considered - several translators will be considered for each language - will receive work on regular basis. I am not looking for article writers or so called wanna-be-translators; I am looking for professional linguists in all fields and areas.

Application bid: do not apply if you are not a professional translator! All incomplete bids will be automatically disregarded and will not be considered. Your bid should be precise, to the point and refer to below questions consisting of the following:
- what language pairs do you translate from and to, be precise with language pairs
- what is your daily turn around: translation, proofreading, editing (if applicable)
- what is your best rate per word; translation, proofreading, etc. (make your bid competitive since today's market is very competitive)
- do you offer bulk rates such as for large or ongoing projects
- are you open to take a translation/proofreading test for each language pair -> will forward further details and instructions once linguist is chosen
- are you flexible regarding availability
- attach CV (include contact info) and references if available
- do you work with CAT tools, if so, which one(s)

Bid: application will not allow you to place a precise bid, therefore the only bids considered, are those stated in your reply. Specify rate per word for translation and proofreading, and currency in which your rate is given. Incomplete replies will be disregarded. Most competitive bids will win!

Requirements: must be a native English and/or fluent in one or two other additional language listed above. Native speakers preferred.
- extensive knowledge of colloquialisms & slang.
- language profient
- MS Office proficiency necessary.
- knowledge of formatting and applying Track Changes if so required
- on time delivery; reliable and meet strict deadlines
- flexible availability
- small translation/proofreading test in the language matching your laguage pairs
- availibility regarding communications: skype, email, chat, etc.

Please send CV for immediate consideration along with availability information. It is essential that candidates meet the above mentioned requirements.

NOTE: All world languages are welcome - this is a massive project and only accurate and complete bids will be considered. Do not hesitate do ask questions, should those arise.

(Job is up for bidding HERE.)
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