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Schiller & Wells, Ltd. Seeks Manuscripts in any Language

02 April 2010
Schiller & Wells, Ltd. Seeks Manuscripts in any Language
Who We Are

Schiller & Wells, Ltd. is an imprint of Stay Thirsty Publishing and is the province of new, emerging, and upcoming writers and scholars who have limited publications to their credit. Founded in the fall of 2009, Schiller & Wells, Ltd. published its first book, FORTY YEARS LATER by Steven Jay Griffel in October 2009.

What We Are Looking For

Under this imprint, Stay Thirsty Publishing seeks to publish agented and non-agented manuscripts from first-time authors in most genres of fiction and nonfiction, and from scholars. This may include works in languages other than English and scholarly works in most academic disciplines.

How We Work

Authors published under the Schiller & Wells, Ltd. imprint enjoy a royalty structure of 50% of the Gross revenues received by Stay Thirsty Publishing from the sale of their digital book and any sub-licensing of subsidiary rights associated with the book. However, since the risks of publishing new, emerging, and upcoming writers and scholars are different from the risks associated with publishing veteran, award-winning authors, those writers and scholars accepted by Schiller & Wells, Ltd. will be required to contribute a fixed amount ($3,750) toward the prepublication expenses of their book with the balance of the expenses borne by Stay Thirsty Publishing. Prepublication expenses typically include cover design, preparation of the manuscript for digital publication, completed digital publication, development of product description, promotional strategy and materials, creation of encyclopedic listings when appropriate, and interfacing with internal and external media outlets. Schiller & Wells, Ltd. authors will receive 100% of the first Gross revenues from digital sales and any sub-licensing of their book in order to recoup their prepublication expense contribution in full before the publisher is entitled to share in the royalties. In addition, Schiller & Wells, Ltd. authors receive individual media planning through our global media parent, Stay Thirsty Media, Inc., which may include: feature stories about the author, author interviews, news stories and news updates, author byline columns and publicity outreach to media venues around the world.

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