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The Royal Commonwealth Society Essay Writing Contest

16 April 2010
The Royal Commonwealth Society Essay Writing Contest
1 The Competition is open to students who are a citizen of or resident in a Commonwealth country or territory (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc.).

2 All entries must be submitted either through a school, college or youth organisation or individually through the website.

3 All entries must be accompanied by a copy of the entry form which has been certified by either a member of staff of the school, college or organisation submitting the entry or a parent or guardian if entering individually.

4 All entries must be written in English.

5 Candidates may only submit one entry which must be written on a single topic.

6 Schools may only submit sixteen entries in total and NO MORE THAN FOUR ENTRIES PER AGE BAND OR CLASS.

7 Candidates should calculate the age they will be on 1 May 2010 and select a topic from the Class that corresponds with their age on that date.

8 Entries are liable for disqualification on the following criteria:

* the entry is not certified.
* no date of birth is given.
* the candidate is too old for the Class entered.
* the entry is too long or too short in relation to the specified word count.
* the school has submitted more than four entries per Class.

9 All entries become the property of the Royal Commonwealth Society with the right to publish.

(More information HERE.)
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