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Rethinking India: Call for Submissions

19 April 2010
Rethinking India: Call for Submissions
Calling submissions of ANY type on any topic relating to India.

Rethinking INDIA is part of the Indian non-profit, My Society. It is a user-driven website, providing a platform for citizens & netizens to share information, articles, blogs, stories, photographs and videos. Within the coming months, we will also begin publishing a print-copy magazine of the best content from the website.

We are currently seeking submissions of content from anybody - it doesn't matter if you are an academic, a journalist, a development practitioner or just a person with an idea or story to share. The new website will be launched on 1 May. We would, ideally, like to have as much content as possible online by the time we launch.

Rethinking INDIA invites every man, woman and child, from India and beyond, to share their ideas, their experiences and their thoughts on India as it is, as it once was, and as it could be. Harnessing the power of user-generated content, from articles, to blogs, to short movies, with a regular paper-copy magazine of the best content, we can start a new conversation and provide a platform for the unheard, bringing to the fore ideas that are oft overlooked and uncovering the injustices that go unnoticed – we can begin the process of rethinking India.

Please get in touch: satbir@rethinkingindia.com

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