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"Fab" Opportunity: A Love Affair with Shoes

07 April 2010
"Fab" Opportunity: A Love Affair with Shoes
A Love Affair With Shoes

Call for submission of personal accounts of shoe lovers and their adoration and ultimate obsession with shoes. Our upcoming anthology, A Love Affair With Shoes (working title), will explore the journeys of avid shoe lovers through stories and essays written by women.

An existing love affair intricately binds women and shoes. Statistics show that about one in every two women own more than 20 pairs of shoes – with about 8% having more than 100 pairs in their own wardrobes. One in every 5 women admits spending more than $1,000 on shoes in a year. Shoes do more than change your outfits look. It can change your entire persona and easily give you a new outlook.

The stories we receive from shoe lovers will in large part dictate the structure of our book. We will focus on the what shoes mean to women and the feelings they invoke.

Possible Topics Might Include:

Your first pair of heels.
Shoe addictions.
Shoes that transform you into another woman.
Sad memories.
Walking in another’s shoes (did you want to be like a glamorous woman that you knew when you were a girl and have you lived up to the image?)

Things to Consider:

Writing can be wonderfully therapeutic and a lot of distressing feelings can come up in the process. This sounds like an easy topic, but we urge writers to dig deeper and really find out what it is about shoes that makes them feel they way they do.


· Good writing skills are helpful, but not necessary – we will work closely with contributors to polish their writings. Mostly we are looking for the heart and wisdom of our story-tellers.

· Please submit your 1000 word story (or as close to 1000 words as you can get) in the “body” of an email. Please no attachments to: PrincessChick@Gmail.com

· Be sure to include your name, address, phone number and email address along with your submission. Remember to notify us at once if you move, change your phone number or email.

· Each contributor chosen for the anthology will receive $100.00 (US) upon publication and a copy of the book when it is published in addition to the ability to join other contributors on a nationwide tour or other places they are able to make appearances.

· It may take time for you to write your story. We’d like to know you are considering making a submission, so, send us a note/email by June 1, 2010 as space for this project is limited.

· Final drafts of stories and essays must be received by August 1, 2010. The final selection process will begin then.

Contact Princess Dominique at princesschick@gmail.com

(More information HERE.)
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