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Jobs: Japanese Translations (Telecommute)

01 April 2010
Jobs: Japanese Translations (Telecommute)
English to Japanese Translation - Videogaming Industry

This is a contract position with regular follow-up work.

We are seeking a highly qualified fluent Japanese speaker who has a strong familiarity with the gaming industry, plus an understanding of gaming and business language. The successful candidate will translate complex phrases, chart captions, website navigation text, and report titles using proper phrasing into business Japanese.

Complete conversational and written business-level fluency in the Japanese and English languages.

This position involves translating thousands of English phrases, images, and reports into Japanese and maintaining our translation database in an ongoing capacity. All work can be performed offsite at a self-directed pace, although candidates are encouraged to visit our main office in Carlsbad, CA to familiarize themselves with the work and products. Accuracy and suitability to the gaming market are considered of primary importance for this project.

Please send a resume including a cover letter that describes your degree of expertise. EEDAR will meet with or speak with each candidate to determine best suitable match for the type of language used in this project. Successful candidates will be invited to present their bid for the following phases of translation work:

Ranked 15th in Forbes’ 2009 list of the Most Promising Companies in America, EEDAR is based in Carlsbad, California.

Please email your resume and a cover letter to jobs@eedar.com.

Translate 4,500 Words English to Japanese

We need 4,500 words of English text from some HTML pages translated to Japanese and preserve the formatting. If you can do this, please let me know how long it will take and how much you can do it for. Also, please let me know how you prefer to be paid.

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