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Interesting: Incongruous Seeks "Unpublishable" Works

12 April 2010
Interesting: Incongruous Seeks "Unpublishable" Works
Call For Submissions: Summer 2010
Featuring Guest Editors Pasha Malla and Daniel Scott Tysdal

The Incongruous Quarterly is looking for submissions of unpublishable fiction and poetry for its inaugural issue. The deadline for submissions is June 4, 2010.

Unpublishable writing is misfit writing. Stories or poems that have been previously rejected; writing that is too long or too short, too strange or too normal, too much or too little. The Incongruous Quarterly is a home for work that has no other home.

This issue’s poetry guest editor is Daniel Scott Tysdal. The theme for poetry submissions is “The Graphic.” The graphic—in form and content—plays a role in determining what is and what is not publishable. A poem can be too stuffed with visual images to fit the margins of the page or too shocking to suit the sensibilities of the editor. The Incongruous Quarterly is looking for poems that, in either sense, are “too graphic.” These could be the poems de Sade or Lenny Bruce never got around to composing or the poems Charles Schulz or Francis Bacon would have created if more lyrically inclined. Whether filled with photos or flagellation, comic book influences or erotic caresses, poems that are considered too graphic are the poems we are after.

This issue’s fiction guest editor is Pasha Malla. The theme for fiction submissions is MONEY.

Send fiction submissions to incongruousfiction@gmail.com
Send poetry submissions to incongruouspoetry@gmail.com
Send questions or comments to incongruousquarterly@gmail.com

or visit http://www.incongruousquarterly.com
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