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Interesting: Foreign Artistic Talent Scheme (Singapore)

04 April 2010
Interesting: Foreign Artistic Talent Scheme (Singapore)
For those who want permanent residence status in Singapore:

Foreign Artistic Talent Scheme
This Scheme is jointly administered by the Singapore Immigration and the National Arts Council (NAC). This scheme aims to assist foreign artistic talents in art, photography, dance, music, theatre, literature and film to apply for Singapore Permanent Resident Status.

Eligible foreign talents should have received formal training and /or have relevant working experience and have already established a reputation both at home and abroad.

A foreign artist who is granted Singapore Permanent Residence under the Scheme will enjoy the same status and benefits as Singapore artist. He/she will be eligible to apply to NAC for grants, to be nominated for Arts Awards and to represent Singapore in overseas arts events.

Application Procedure
Applicants are to email the completed application form and curriculum vitae to NAC for assessment. Should it be required, applicants would subsequently be informed to submit a detailed resume with supporting materials (portfolio, press review etc.) to NAC. All submissions must be in English and materials in any other languages needs to be translated to English. A copy of the permanent residence application form will be sent to the applicant if he/she is found suitable. Upon receiving the completed form from the applicant NAC will recommend the applicant to the Singapore Immigration for its decision. To apply and for more information, please contact Anthea NEO or Sandra LIM.

(More information HERE.)
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