18 April 2010

High-end Ghostwriter Needed

Telecommuting is OK.

I am using a blog to start a business. The idea is that a blog, with weekly releases of significant content over a two year time-frame, will build a follower-ship for my business idea. This audience can then be used to incubate the idea.

I am looking for a high end ghost-writer to help me create this blog. Approximately 5 hours per week. The writing needs to be of Wall Street Journal or McKinsey Quarterly quality. It needs to be in my “imagined” voice. I am a physician with deep experience in IT and informatics. I will suggest content and a perspective. The result needs to be crafted into an intelligent blog entry, 500-1000 words, each week.

The topic is healthcare. Specifically healthcare provision, as what would be done in an outpatient physician’s office. The new business will launch an entirely new type of clinic, outpatient care provision. Something much closer to Minute Clinic than what you currently experience at your local doc’s office.

I am looking for a turn-key service. The ideal partner would:
1. engage with me on the content for that week. I suggest a topic and we kick it around. 15 minute conversation over the phone.
2. Take the content and do some web research, experts, sources, quotes, etc. Flesh out an outline of that piece. Add in lots of links.
3. Engage with me on outline, refine. Phone conversation of 15 minutes.
4. Write the piece, send to me for approval.
5. Once approved, post the piece.

These articles would be worked on in parallel. Ideally we have 3-5 articles going at any given time, at various points in the process.
This will be fun part time work. If you are interested in this position, submit to me:

1. Your CV, highlighting your relevant experience, with an emphasis on healthcare services (not pharma!)
2. Writing examples of articles you have created in various voices
3. References
4. Your rate

(More information HERE.)