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Essay Writing E-Course Scholarship

12 April 2010
Essay Writing E-Course Scholarship
For me, spring is all about re-birth and transformation. It’s a time to clean out the clutter (in my house and in my head!) and make space for new life and opportunities to shine through. But since this is a contest, I’m not interested in what spring means to me. I want to know what the season means for you! So … I’m calling on YOU (and all of your loved ones, friends, colleagues and enemies whom you choose to send this message), to tell me what you love about the season — or what you hate. It doesn’t really matter! Just share a little piece of yourself through the written word. It might be one or two sentences or one or two paragraphs — but it shouldn’t be longer than that! The person whose words touch me the most will get a free essay writing class (premium version) when the class starts up on May 3, 2010.

All entries must be received by April 14. Please e-mail entries to amy [at] amypaturel.com.

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