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The Eric Hoffer Award for Short Prose

22 April 2010
The Eric Hoffer Award for Short Prose
Sorry we missed this. But you can submit next year:

Submissions must be received by March 31st of the award year. Submissions are read quarterly following the last day of March, June, September, and December.

Anyone (including the author) can submit a single work of short prose or multiple books for a Hoffer Award.

The grand prize for prose is currently $500, although all writers included in the annual anthology, Best New Writing, will be honored by the award. There is no nomination fee for the Hoffer Award, which is open to short prose in English, including translations, of less than 10,000 words.

Who can be nominated for a Hoffer Prose Award?
The Hoffer Award is open to short works of fiction and creative nonfiction. Works must be less than 10,000 words, previously unpublished, or published with a circulation of less than 500. Yes, you can nominate your own work. NOTE: Award is closed to the staff of Hopewell Publications and previous Hoffer Award winning entries.

(More information HERE.)
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