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Chinese (Taiwan) Yearbook of International Affairs

11 April 2010
Chinese (Taiwan) Yearbook of International Affairs
For those of you involved in international law:

The Chinese (Taiwan) Yearbook of International Law and Affairs commenced publication in 1981 and is jointly published by Cameron May and the Chinese (Taiwan) Society of International Law. The Yearbook contains contributions addressing issues in international law and international relations with a focus on Taiwan, Mainland China and the Asia Pacific.

Prospective authors interested in publishing in Volume 27 of the Yearbook should submit a manuscript on any topics in the field of international law to csil@seed.net.tw by August 1, 2010. Authors are requested to follow Guidelines for Submissions.

Previous volumes of the Yearbook are also available on Westlaw and HeinOnline. General inquiries about the Yearbook can be directed to Pasha Hsieh, Managing Editor, at pashahsieh@smu.edu.sg.
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