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Charles Wallace India Trust and Various Writing Grants

14 April 2010
Charles Wallace India Trust and Various Writing Grants

(Note: most of these scholarships/grants are closed for 2010. This is just to inform you that there are grants/scholarships such as these for Indian nationals. You may want to check the links and see which ones are still open, or wait for 2011 announcements that we will post on Asia Writes.)

These are to enable Indian academics, writers and translators to spend time in selected universities for up to three months.

Eight fellowships have been agreed with universities. They are intended to be mutually beneficial and the fellow is expected to contribute to the life of the host institution. Recent Fellows have done this in various ways eg by leading seminars for postgraduate students, presenting papers or talking about their work.

Fellows are selected by agreement between the host institution and the trust, in some cases with the help of the British Council.

The fellowships cover international fares and accommodation and living costs in the UK.

Who is eligible?

Applicants should

  • Be Indian citizens, domiciled and resident
  • Be aged between 25 and 45 (except for Translator Fellowships)
  • Have completed their postgraduate studies in the area of their specialisation and/or have between five to seven years professional experience
  • Include a proposal stating clearly what they want to work on in the host institution and how they plan to use the experience on their return to India
  • Not have been given a Charles Wallace India Trust grant within the previous five years

The Fellowships and how to apply for them

Ways of applying vary and are described below.

Applicants should consult the relevant university web site for more details of universities and departments.

Applications for the writers, translators and journalism fellowships should be made through the nearest British Council office in India. Information about the universities can be found on their websites.

For the above fellowships applicants must submit

  • A completed application form including a CV
  • References from two people who know your work well
  • Examples of your work as a writer/translator/journalist
  • A statement describing clearly the work you wish to undertake under the writer/translator fellowship and your reasons for doing so or
  • A statement describing clearly the piece of research you wish to undertake for the journalism fellowship and your reasons for doing so

Entries for 2010 are closed. Last date for applications was 21 September 2009.

Entries for Iqbal Sarin Visiting Fellowship in Journalism are closed

Other Fellowships

(More information HERE.)
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