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Call for Submissions: Ricepaper's Flavours of Food

13 April 2010
Call for Submissions: Ricepaper's Flavours of Food
Published by the Asian Canadian Writer’s Workshop, Ricepaper is a national literary arts magazine committed to providing a voice and venue to a vibrant and evolving Asian Canadian identity and culture.


Fortunately for us, the many immigrants who came to our great nation brought with them culinary practices from around the world. Nowadays, one doesn’t have to go to “Chinatown” or “Little India” or “Japantown” to find dishes from these parts of the world. Restaurants serving up Asian-inspired food can be easily found throughout small Canadian towns, coast to coast, and on almost every metropolitan street corner. Arguably, eating food is Canada’s all-time favourite pastime, after hockey, bien sur! And like breathing fresh air, eating food sustains our bodies while enriching our sense of shared humanity and connection to the earth. Furthermore, the aromas and tastes of food are so powerful that they can bring back childhood memories and reinforce our sense of home and belonging.

Are you guilty of eating fast food simply for convenience and savings, or are you part of the growing community of slow cooking, authentic food connoisseurs? Have you learned anything interesting from your own culinary adventures? Is food a gateway or precursor to understanding the diverse cultures of the world? Do you ever think about endangered food animals or the politics of food distribution? What does it mean to “eat local” in our multicultural and urbanized society? How can we tackle and unpack the dynamic relationships between power, food and consumerism?

On a lighter note, we also want to hear about your favourite dishes, most memorable eating experiences, and any unique reflections on food. Consider the popularity of community gardens, organic fruits and vegetables, family banquets, and dinner parties; not to mention, the coming of moon cakes, Harvest Festival and Thanksgiving Season!

We’re waiting, with great anticipation and hunger! Ricepaper Magazine accepts writing in the following genres and formats:

* Literary and creative writing: previously unpublished short fiction, poetry, play excerpts, and works of translation;
* Features: (2,000 to 2,500 words) in-depth articles and interviews offering original analysis, investigation and exploration into important socio-cultural trends affecting the Asian Canadian and broader public (features address the proposed “theme”);
* Profiles: (1,000 to 1,500 words) biographical pieces on emerging and prominent Asian Canadian artists, cultural activists, scholars, writers;
* Cultural critiques: (500 to 1,000 words) critical overview of books, performances, film/media, visual art, and artistic events in any genre;
* Visual contributions: photos, illustrations and comics are also welcome.

Published by the Asian Canadian Writer’s Workshop, Ricepaper is a national literary arts magazine committed to providing a voice and venue to a vibrant and evolving Asian Canadian identity and culture. A forum for inclusive representative and progressive dialogue, Ricepaper showcases the quality work by artists, scholars, and cultural producers that reflects the diverse interests of Asian Canadians. By providing an alternative mainstream media for both readers and advertisers, Ricepaper strives to connect the local, national, and global community by challenging the parameters of how Asian Canadians are perceived and defined.

Writers of any and all cultural backgrounds are encouraged to submit non-fiction feature articles, stories, reviews and profiles about Asian Canadian artists and culture, broadly defined.

Creative and fiction writing (short stories), poems and play excerpts would ideally be written or produced by Canadians of Asian or mixed descent, or would contain diverse characters, stories and/or themes pertinent to the broad Asian Canadian population. Please include a short biographical note (50 to 75 words) with writing and publishing credits and/or resume with your submission. We accept queries on an ongoing basis. Early submissions are highly encouraged. First come, first served! All first drafts for Issue 15.3 “The Flavours of Food” are due no later than May 10, 2010. Send to: editor@ricepapermagazine.ca (c/o Eury Chang) or

Ricepaper Magazine
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