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Artist Residencies in Lanesboro: Inspiration and Integration

09 April 2010
Artist Residencies in Lanesboro: Inspiration and Integration
Past residencies include Israel-born Anat Fort.

Nestled in the valley of southeast Minnesota’s Root River, Lanesboro is a small town with a unique atmosphere that is part European hamlet, part tourist destination and part farm town with a dash of just plain funky. Artists from around the country continue to discover that Lanesboro is a special place in which to create art and to live, if even for a few weeks.

Artists from all disciplines are encouraged to apply, though primary consideration will be given to emerging sculptors, painters, poets, and writers with at least one residency each year focused on public art. Applicant artists must reside in the United States. Living and working space is provided. Stipends of up to $2,500 for a four-week residency are provided for up to six artists each year.

Review Criteria

Applications will be reviewed by a panel of Cornucopia Art Center staff, working artists and community representatives. Successful applications will address the following criteria:

1. Quality of the work samples submitted
2. Value of the proposed project to the artist’s career and to the community
3. Creativity and innovation of integrating art into the community. Applicants should consider specific target audiences for the project (i.e. senior citizens, school children, etc.).
4. Ability to accomplish the project outlined in the time requested.

Application postmark deadlines: June 15 annually (residencies can be scheduled November - May).

Housing, Studio Space and Accessibility

Cornucopia houses its resident artists in two Art Lofts located above the art center. These lofts provide adequate live/work space for most artists, but are not handicap accessible. If your artistic work or physical abilities require separate studio space or handicap accessible space, please let us know so that we can rent a facility that meets your needs.

Accessibility is one of Cornucopia’s core values. We welcome all artists to apply to the Lanesboro Residency program and choose artists for artistic merit and potential community impact, regardless of physical ability, race, religion, gender, cultural or ethnic background, or sexual orientation.

(More information http://www.lanesboroarts.org/cac-artist-in-residence.html.)
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