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Alternative Alamat: Philippine Myths and Legends, Reimagined (Call for Submissions)

19 April 2010
Alternative Alamat: Philippine Myths and Legends, Reimagined (Call for Submissions)
(Call also appearing on PAWAINC and Philippine Genre Stories)

Alternative Alamat: Philippine Myths and Legends, Reimagined

The Philippines is blessed with a multitude of mythologies and legends, yet too few of these tales are known and read today. While it is understandable that the modern reader might find it difficult to relate to ancient oral tradition, we’ve all seen how the gods/goddesses and heroes/heroines of other cultures have remained relevant because of writers who incorporate the old myths and legends in modern tales. (See: The Percy Jackson series, or the many re-imaginings of the King Arthur myth.) I think we need more Filipino tales in that vein–hence, our new anthology, “Alternative Alamat”.

Story Guidelines:

* The story should make use of characters, events, and/or artifacts from Philippine myths or legends
* The element taken from myth/legend must be integral to the story. Even if your protagonist owns Bantugan’s sword, if he/she never uses it, then that doesn’t count.
* The myth/legend from which the element is taken must be integral to the story. Even if your protagonist wields Bantugan’s sword, if that history doesn’t come into play (in other words, if you just treat it as a generic magic sword), then that doesn’t count.
* While we’re drawing from myth/legend, I want stories written with a modern sensibility. Note I don’t mean the stories need to be set in modern times–what I mean is that I want stories that the modern reader can relate to and enjoy.
* Because part of the mission of this anthology is to raise the reader’s awareness of our myths and legends, you need to be able to point me to your source material: the name of the myth/legend, the book/site where you found it etc. If it’s simply part of the oral tradition of your area, let me know and we’ll see if we can transcribe it and put it online somewhere, because it’s important that readers have the opportunity to read the source material.

Length: 3,000 – 7,000 words.

Language: English.

Who May Submit: Filipino authors, whether residing in the Philippines or abroad. Age is immaterial, but if you’re a minor you’ll need parental consent for the contract.

Reading Period: June 1, 2010 – August 30, 2010. Plenty of time to hit the books and find that perfect, obscure myth just begging to be put back in the limelight.

Compensation: PHP600.00 + a copy of the anthology when we release the book the first time, either as an ebook or as print. If /when release it a second time (as an ebook if it was initially print, or vice versa), we’ll add another PHP400.00 and a copy of the new version of the anthology.

(More information HERE.)
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