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Writers Wanted: $25 Per 350-Word Article

13 March 2010
Writers Wanted: $25 Per 350-Word Article
We’re seeking bloggers for our business blog – we want to get it up and running asap with a lot of quality content. We run a web design training company. We teach aspiring web designers/developers how to create websites with Flash, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop, Joomla, Wordpress, etc. We want our blog to be an extension of our business and cross promote our products – but we do NOT want to offer written tutorials (we sell video tutorials and we do not want anything to take away from that).

We’re currently seeking writers for the following topics:

- Being a Freelance Web Development/Designer (includes everything from dealing with clients to setting up your home office)
- Product and Industry News (includes news, rumors, events, etc – topics might be Flash vs. Apple, Flash’s future, HTML 5, CS5 news, the new Joomla, etc)
- Flash, PS, Dreamweaver, etc (conversational, this is what’s new, design type of articles – no tutorials)
- Web Development/Design Inspiration pieces (10 Amazing Flash sites, 20 Cool Photos Altered in Photoshop, etc – as well as articles on where and how to get inspiration, etc)
- We’re open on the 5th topic – so… Surprise us…?

Send us an article on one of the above topics and if we use it we’ll pay you $25 (article must be at least 350 words), plus if you become a regular writer you’ll get paid more.

The articles must:

• have already been proofread, spell-checked, and grammar checked.
• be written for the web – use bullets, lists, quotes, etc and use key words. Keep the paragraphs short enough to easily be read and use simple language.
• be full of valuable information – we’re looking for unique ideas, suggestions that are truly helpful, etc
• NOT be used anywhere else – if you don’t hear that we’re going to use your article within 90 days please feel free to submit it elsewhere
• be completely original content – we can not use plagiarized or “re-purposed” content

You must be able to send us an invoice for each article we accept and you must be willing (and able) to accept PayPal payments.

Here’s how to submit your article:

- Please respond to the email above with any pieces you wish to submit.
- Use this subject line: “Contribution for LearnWebDevelopment.com Blog”
- Copy and paste the article into the body of the email
- Please include your word count (http://www.wordcounttool.com/)

If you do not use this subject line or you use an attachment we may not see your piece, or might be unable to open it.

* Name of business or contact person – LearnWebDevelopment.com - Christina Gillick
* Payment details – $25 per article when accepted + potential to earn more when you become a regular writer for us

Send inquiries or sample works to christinagillick@gmail.com
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