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World Children's Haiku Contest Result (Hong Kong Region)

23 March 2010
World Children's Haiku Contest Result (Hong Kong Region)

The 11th World Children's Haiku Contest, organized by JAL Foundation and sponsored by Japan Airlines Hong Kong, was completed with hundreds of entries. 50 outstanding haiku poems were being selected by the JAL panel of judges. Special thanks to the Honorary Judges, they are:

Professor LEE Wood Hung
Professor HO Chi Ming
Department of Japanese Studies
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The aim of the contest is to develop the sensibilities of children in the world through composing "haiku", to popularize haiku worldwide though originating from Japan, while also cultivating a mutual understanding between children from various cultures and backgrounds. By composing haiku under a common theme, children of the world can sympathize and easily understand each other. Eligible children compose poems of 17 syllables in 3 lines in the pattern of 5-7-5 syllables respectively together with their self hand-drawn or hand-crafted artwork. The theme for this year was "School". The outstanding haiku authors will be awarded a certificate and souvenir. Their composition may be published to the world by an anthology "Haiku By World Children". For details, please visit : www.jal-foundation.or.jp/new/haiku/contest/winning_10th/haiku.html

The top 50 outstanding winners will be notified through their participating schools or individually. Here are the top 3 outstanding haikus and artwork:

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