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Wanted: Copy Editor (English, Arabic, Urdu)

16 March 2010
Wanted: Copy Editor (English, Arabic, Urdu)
We are now recruiting Copy Editors and Bloggers for our team. We are looking for individuals that can write in 1 or more of the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, India (1 or all 4 of the major languages), or Urdu.

You have to be able to communicate in English to receive your mandates! Compensation is either per hour (10-25$ CDN) or per contract/article (25-$$$ CDN).

-Newsletter Content Creations
-Website/Blog Content Creation

All payments are made via electronic Bank (RBC or TD) transfer or PayPal and are in Canadian funds. Sorry we do not send out cheques, cash, nor do we pay by credit card. All of our mandates are time sensitive, so those who are organized and who can manage their time efficiently should apply. We guarantee not only the quality of our deliverables, but that they are completed on time and on budget.


Able to create content for direct marketing purposes
Able to create relevant content that engages readers

You must be able to communicate via email, MSN and or Skype and must be able to be reached by phone (If necessary). Every applicant MUST submit the following info:

-Full name (the name that will appear on your invoice)
-Please specify if you are an agency, home based business, consultant or student
-Indicate your typical audience (optional)
-List the languages you can write
-250-350 word article that describes what you did over the weekend or critique the season premier of NBC?s show ?Celebrity Apprentice?. Whatever you are writing about you must be able to sell it or engage your readers. Example: If you watched a movie over the weekend, you must sell the movie to your audience or engage them to comment back. We want to see how you will connect and reach your audience. (Only 1 article please)

The article must target 1 of the following 3 demographics, please specify which demographics you are targeting when you send us your article.

Woman with Children, aged 18 - 30
Mid-level IT manager, aged 25 - 45
Retired Individual aged 65+

Remember to check you spelling and grammar. All submitted work will NOT be sold, leased, rented or transmitted to any third party. After we receive your email and reviewed your work (which we will) and you have caught our attention, we will then contact you via email to setup a quick 30 minute phone call interview. From that point on we will communicate next steps to you. Agencies may apply, but you must be able to accept our method of payment and follow our project management guidelines.

(More information HERE.)
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