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Tributes and Poems by the Asian Human Rights Commission

08 March 2010
Tributes and Poems by the Asian Human Rights Commission
From the Asian Human Rights Commision website:

Tributes, Poems, celebrations and new publications

Welcome to the 40th issue of Vol. 2 of Human Rights & Culture. This week we have, ‘For Rita’, by Airyn R. Lentija; we then have ‘Continuum’, by Prof. K.G. Sankara Pillai. In appreciation of International Women’s Day which will be celebrated on March 8 we have the article, ‘International Women’s Day Solidarity Resolution - March 8th 2010′. This article was kindly submitted by WUNRN.

Human Rights & Culture welcomes contributions in the form of poems, articles or book reviews. All work will be acknowledged accordingly. Please forward your contributions to the addresses given below.


We are pleased to announce the release of the following publications: ‘Poems from the Heart’, the collection of poems by Airyn R. Lentija. A report entitled ‘Palestinian Women & Security: Why Palestininian Women & Girls Do Not Feel Secure’ by Stephanie Chaban, Reema Daraghmeh and Garance Stettler. The current editions of ‘Ethics in Action’ and ‘Article 2′ Vol. 8 No. 4 are also available.

You may view the previous issues and write your comments at: http://hrculture.blog.humanrights.asia/. Your contributions and comments for future issues may be sent to ahrc@ahrc.asia.
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