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Submit Your Manuscripts to Vox Humana Books

16 March 2010
Submit Your Manuscripts to Vox Humana Books
Vox Humana Books, an international, small literary publisher founded in 2009 is now accepting submissions in consideration for its 2011 list. We are interested in receiving non-fiction and literary fiction manuscripts which are in line with the house’s mission. Please refer to this link for further information: http://voxhumana-books.com/?page_id=15.

Vox Humana Books' unique emphasis is on disseminating creative work which adheres to the principles of the “Human Voice” in content, form and without intentional racism and discrimination, regardless of any inherent artistic or political messaging by the writer or artist themselves. We believe there is room for all differing opinions and stories that can be related while still veering away from the propagation of deliberate anti-life, inhuman diatribe.

Note: Vox Humana Books does not accept poetry manuscripts for now.
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