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Special Issue on Indo-Pak War of 1971 Seeking More Submissions

26 March 2010
Special Issue on Indo-Pak War of 1971 Seeking More Submissions
We are still seeking submissions for the special issue of Pakistaniaat on Indo-Pakistan War of 1971. Our special issue editor is Dr. Cara Cilano, University of North Carolina, whose scholarly work focuses on this important part of Pakistani history.

The purpose of this special issue of Pakistaniaat is to bring together the emerging work on the topic by scholars across fields in the humanities and social sciences. As our title suggests, we are interested in interdisciplinary or single disciplinary takes on the causes leading up to the subcontinent’s second partition. Within the Pakistani context, what costs did this war exact? How/is the country still paying the price for the attitudes and actions that lead to the disintegration of a united Pakistan? What has been the fall-out of the war for the relations between Pakistan and India? Between Pakistan and Bangladesh? Pakistan and the US? Further, how have these consequences manifested themselves within Pakistan?

Please upload your submissions to the special section created for this issue using your account with the journal.

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