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Some Calls for Papers on Media Literacy, Feminism and Marxism

29 March 2010
Some Calls for Papers on Media Literacy, Feminism and Marxism
Media Literacy

JMLE invites submissions for a special theme issue exploring the relationship between media literacy and digital media and learning. New norms of online participation are emerging as part of child and adolescent socialization. However, some scholars with interests in digital media and learning position their work at a distance from the practice of media literacy education, privileging the study of user behavior, social connectivity and participation and dismissing practices associated with message interpretation, critical analysis and inquiry, and communication skill development. In this issue, we are interested in exploring both
the areas of disjuncture and areas of overlap, aiming to conceptualize new ideas that may fuel the development of both fields. Your work may be framed around scholarship and practice in education, media studies, cultural studies, or other fields.

For the special issue, the Journal will consider articles, essays, and book reviews related to the theme. We encourage submissions from scholars, professionals, and educators at any level and in any discipline. Contributors are encouraged to query the editors in a short email describing their papers to determine suitability for publication. Contributors are invited to make submissions at any time on the JMLE website at www.jmle.org .

Final date for all volume 2 issue 2 submissions is June 1, 2010. Guidelines for submission are available at http://jmle.org.

Feminism and Marxism

Call for Papers for a Special Theme Issue on Feminism and Marxism: Reassessments and Reports

New Proposals calls for submissions for a special issue that will be dedicated to taking stock of intersections between feminism and marxism. A valuable series of publications on this debate appeared in the 1970s and 1980s.

We are interested in full-length articles (normally 3,500 to 10,000 words) as well as shorter comments and arguments (up to 3,500 words) that reengage with these earlier debates. For this issue, we also welcome short research reports (up to 1,500 words) summarizing the theoretical framework, methodology, and preliminary results of research projects that draw on both feminist and marxist traditions.

Submissions should be made to the journal web site by September 3, 2010. Please indicate that this submission is for this special issue.

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