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Poet's Picturebook Seeks Contributions

23 March 2010
Poet's Picturebook Seeks Contributions
Poet's Picturebook is seeking contributions for its Penitent/Carnivalesque issue for Summer 2010.

What you can send:

1) Poem only (we will find picture to accompany it).

2) Poem & picture (digital file of a photograph, photo of a painting, sculpture, or dance), the poem being based on, derived from, or inspired by the picture that you send together with the poem. That poem is called an ekphrasis of the picture. An ekphrastic poem can also be about a piece of music, so you will have to find a visual for the music (maybe be a photo of part of the score, the picture of the composer, or the like).

3) Poem & picture (where the poem is not an ekphrasis of the picture or image), you just chose it to accompany the picture by whatever esthetic connection or relationship.

4) Poem & picture by another author and artist/photographer with you own critical notes about either or both. It is your obligation, however, to obtain permission from them before submitting to the ezine.

Contributions can be mailed to marnezine@gmail.com or marne.kilates@gmail.com.
(More information HERE.)
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