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New Book: World Poetry Almanac 2009

30 March 2010
New Book: World Poetry Almanac 2009
World Poetry Almanac 2009
190 poets from 100 countries
Edited by Dr. Hadaa Sendoo
327 pages of poems translated from various languages
ISBN: 999625915-9
Publisher: Bitpress
Publication Date: March, 2010 (Ulaanbaatar)
Binding: Softcover

by Hadaa Sendo

I have never been tired of the sun
never tired of freedom and thought
never tired seeing the stars and the moon
never tired of the craziness
the sky of sea blue days
leaving me those golden sunflowers from Van Gogh.
and the wind over Hovd from the Barkol grassland
I never tired of the horse
When I rode it I could not go through the last ocean
I have never been tired of the soul of Genghis Khan
never tired of the wolf
he often attacks the sheep
eating the large and tall horse that died in wilderness

I have never been tired of the naked body
never tired of clouds and children
never tired of the Mongol yurts
doors always unlocked.
I have never tired of a stone
never tired of a drop of dew like milk.
I have never tired of a dried tree standing upright
never tired of the grave
never been tired of the brightness
kidnapped by the darkness.

About the editor:

Hadaa Sendoo, born in 1961, is an internationally renowned poet. Since 1991, he has lived in Ulaanbaatar. His poems have been translated into more than 30 languages and published in Europe, Asia, America and Latin America. He founded the most authoritative World Poetry Almanac. He has been honored in Greece, the United States, India; was awarded the Genghis Khan Medal, the World Poetry Ambassador Medal, and the Mongolian Writers Union Prize in 2009. His most recent collection of poetry, Come Back To Earth (2009) was recognized as the best book of poetry by IWA (USA).
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