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Mikel Essery Travel Writing Contest 2010

23 March 2010
Mikel Essery Travel Writing Contest 2010
We look for stories that starting from the life experience of each storyteller could bring us closer to other cultural, social, natural and human world issues.


We, hereby, call for writers, professionals or others, to participate submitting pieces of travel writing which would share Mikel Essery’s spirit of travelling Mikel Essery developed over the years in editorials, articles, interviews, travel notebooks and numerous talks.

"I am committed to the challenge of mixing cultures and bringing people together, being, thus, the real global challenge: the people and nor the states neither ideologies, cooperation and not competition, exchange and solidarity rather than the totalitarism. Travelling should enhance, above all, respect and concern for other ways of thinking, and its aim should be getting closer to other cultures."

We look for stories that starting from the life experience of each storyteller could bring us closer to other social, cultural, natural and human world issues; stories that could surprise us with their depth and promote empathy with the other; stories from which we could learn something, being, therefore, an invitation to travel, understood as a searching path or meeting ground.


The deadline for the submission of the stories will be from Jan 1 until May 1, 2010 and the pieces will be sent as an attachment in any text format, to mail address that follows.


Full name or pseudonym, mailing address and contact number must be included in the mail. It could be interesting to include a few lines of personal profile and a mention to blogs or websites should there be any. The text may be accompanied by a graphic document [drawing, photograph, map etc…] if the author considers it relevant.


There will be a single first prize . The prize will be an international trip sponsored by a known travel company.

There will also be other prizes for the finalists provided for by the sponsor firms, which will be made public later on through our website.

(More information HERE.)
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