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Landfall Journal Open to Pacific Writers

07 March 2010
Landfall Journal Open to Pacific Writers
Landfall contains literary fiction and essays, poetry, extracts from work in progress, commentary on New Zealand arts and culture, work by visual artists including photographers and reviews of local books. (Landfall does not accept unsolicited reviews.)
Who can submit material to Landfall?

All work submitted is assessed by the editor. While many established names appear on our pages, we are always on the lookout for exciting work from new writers.

As a general rule we are open to work by New Zealand and Pacific writers, or by writers who have visited New Zealand or whose work has some other connection (e.g. subject matter, location) with the region. Occasionally work by Australian writers is included, to promote cross-over between the two literary communities, or a feature on writers from elsewhere is produced.

Writers who have not seen the journal are advised to look at some recent issues if possible, in order to determine whether Landfall is the appropriate place for their work, and for a guide to the journal's bibliographic style.

Work submitted must be typed, double spaced and should be supplied in hard copy. Email submissions will not be accepted.

Prose contributions should be accompanied whenever possible by an accurate word count, and no more than three stories or articles should be submitted at one time.

Poets should submit no more than 10 poems at one time.

Submissions must be accompanied by a cover letter with your name and address shown, as well as a stamped, self-addressed envelope, or an international reply coupon in the case of overseas submissions.

We try to turn around submissions within four months of their arrival.

Deadlines for submissions are 10 January for the May issue and 10 June for the November issue. Send contributions to
The Editor
Otago University Press
Box 56
New Zealand
Email landfall@otago.ac.nz.
Facebook: Landfall Journal

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