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Job: Online Writers on Asia, Modern India and Women in Islam

30 March 2010
Job: Online Writers on Asia, Modern India and Women in Islam
We are interested in the following topics: Asia, Modern India, Women in Islam, and more.

Job Location: Online
Job Description: Writers must be able to research topics, provide detailed information and write clear, error free and engaging content.

Writer’s compensation varies depending on the subject matter, length and technical difficulty of the material. We offer writers (US) $100-$300 for well-researched courses, and if you also teach the course online, you can earn a royalty based on student enrollment. Teachers shall earn an additional e-Learning Instructor Certificate documenting your experience after satisfactorily completing twelve months of online teaching at KSURF Webversity.

Job Requirements:

Share your knowledge and skills with a worldwide community of Knowledge Surfers. Write an e-Course for us! KSURF e-Learning Community is looking for talented teachers and writers to create online courses on a variety of topics for a global audience (in English).

We are interested in contemporary and popular topics such as: Women in Small Business, New Media Marketing, Web Design and Technology, Environment & Science in the News, Criminology and Homeland Security, Politics & History, Arts, Entertainment & Media, International Trade and Relations, Religion, Society and Cultures of the World, Asia, Modern India, Women in Islam, and much more.

How To Apply:

For Writers Guidelines and to submit a course proposal go to http://vu.ksurf.net/writers.html

Contact Information
Barbara Dayan, Editor
KSURF e-Learning Community
P.O. Box 2189
San Luis Obispo, CA, United States 93444
Phone: 321-578-7337
Email: wave2@ksurf.net
WWW: http://vu.ksurf.net/writers.html
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