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Iran Heritage Grant (Includes Publication)

23 March 2010
Iran Heritage Grant (Includes Publication)
Projects are considered twice a year, in December and July. Applications, as well as letters from referees for the December date should reach the Foundation by 15th October; those for the July date should be received by 15th May.

Statement of Aims

The Iran Heritage Foundation is a non-political UK-registered charity founded in 1995, in response to cuts in public funds related to the preservation of the history, languages and cultures of Iran. The objectives of the Foundation are pursued by means of encouraging and supporting research, publication, and diverse activities of cultural or scholarly merit in a variety of related fields. This remit is interpreted generously.

Eligible Projects

The prime focus of projects seeking support should be the Iranian world. The Foundation will consider making grants to projects that promote the:

- Teaching of the Persian language outside of Iran and other aspects of Persian culture to pre-university age groups (Education projects, funding range 500-4000 GBP).

- Study of Iranian history, art, architecture, archaeology and cultures (research and publication; conferences and seminars; lectures and lecture series, etc.) (Academic projects, funding range 500-4000 GBP).

- Awareness of the public at large about Iranian history and culture (film festivals, exhibitions, etc.) (Public programmes).

Prospective applicants should note that subjects that fall outside these guidelines are beyond the remit of the Foundation. Students should note that the Foundation does not award grants for subsidizing tuition and living expenses.


Owing to the limited nature of its resources, the Foundation would like to see its role principally as a co-sponsor of projects rather than the sole source of support. To this end, it prefers to offer help in the form of matching finance. Applicants are therefore encouraged actively to explore supplementary sources of backing.

Application Procedures and Conditions of Support

Click here to download the grant application form. Completed application forms plus references from two prominent referees should be sent in hardcopy or email to: The Secretary, IHF, 5 Stanhope Gate, London, W1K 1AH; info@iranheritage.org; +44 (20) 74934766 (tel); +44 (20) 74999293 (fax).

If successful, applicants will be required to submit regular reports and accounts. The Foundation reserves the right to award grants in instalments, or on completion of specified stages of the project. Recipients of grants will be required to make formal and prominent acknowledgment of the support which their project has obtained from the Foundation.

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