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Call for Submissions: Israel Journal

14 March 2010
Call for Submissions: Israel Journal
Olah-la is a contemporary, online meeting place for writers, artists, and people interested in or connected to Israel. Olah-la was started by an Olah-Chadasha (new immigrant to Israel) who wanted to found an English arena for Israeli-related poetry and prose, as well as get the word out about Israel’s many scientific and artistic accomplishments. Olah-la also accepts writing in French.

Submission Policy : We accept all of the following in French and English. For all submissions, include a short biographical note.

Olah-La is a contemporary online publication interested in writing that pushes the limit, speaks simply and truthfully, comes from an authentic place, and most importantly, either the author or the writing itself should have some connection to Israel. Olah-la wants articles on the most cutting edge technologies to come out of Israel, and also on the different facets of its complex political system. No preaching and no propaganda, and no self-righteous zealots. Zeal is fine though. We like passion.

Olah-la does not currently pay contributors. If olah-la makes money one day it will. All writing must be sent in the body of the e-mail, 12 font, Ariel, Cambria, Times New Roman, or any other normal looking font.


Max 3 poems, max 32 lines each. Either poem or author must be connected to Israel somehow. Not necessary to be Jewish. MUST WRITE olah-poetry in the subject line.


Any style, fiction or non-fiction, as long as it is a) inspired but not wishy washy B) not more than 2000 words C) contemporary. MUST WRITE olah-prose in the subject line.

Send all submissions to our chief editor : michaelabeee@gmail.com

(More information HERE.)
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