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Call for Submissions: Ceriph (Singapore)

30 March 2010
Call for Submissions: Ceriph (Singapore)
Thank you for making Ceriph Issue Zero a success. We hope you've enjoyed the sampling of local writing within and are hungry for more!

Ceriph is now open for submissions for Issue One. Please send your poetry, short fiction, non fiction, or photo-essays to submissions@ceriph.net by 31st May 2010 along with the full name you would like to be published under. Submissions received after 31st May will be considered for the following issue. We aim to respond to every email though it might take some time, so please be patient with us! We look forward to reading your words.

About Ceriph:

Ceriph is an independently run book publication in Singapore. We seek to share Singaporean creative work in the form of prose, poetry, social commentaries, photography, and visual art. We wish to record and share these without inhibition, to celebrate these everyday musings.

(More information HERE.)
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