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Book Buying in South Asia: Call for Submissions

11 March 2010
Book Buying in South Asia: Call for Submissions
Lapata (Daisy Rockwell) is working on a post about book buying, browsing, searching in South Asia. She would like to solicit anecdotes and stories about looking for books in any language other than English while in South Asia. She has found that when looking for Hindi books, for example, that it is very hard to browse for and discover books in Hindi bookstores. Below are the guidelines for submissions, which can be anonymous or named. Depending on volume, she may not be able to post everything, but she will try to put up as many as she can, and summarize the rest.

Format for submission:

1. Name (you can be anonymous, or choose initials)
2. Location (also can be skipped)
3. Language-literature you have experience looking for and where
4. Anecdote or description of how bookstores are organized for this language/literature, what kind of people go there, how un/appealing the book bindings are, etc.
5. Send me a photo of a bookstore, even if it’s a cell phone picture
6. Email it to lapatastic [at] gmail [dot] com

(More information HERE.)
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