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2010 Sejong Writing Competition

10 March 2010
2010 Sejong Writing Competition
Introduce Asian culture into your classroom by encouraging your students to enter the 2010 Sejong Writing Competition. The Sejong Cultural Society, in collaboration with the Harvard University Korea Institute, is hosting this writing competition for all pre-college students living in the U.S. Click HERE to learn more about the competition, prizes, and submission guidelines.

2010 Writing Competition Mission:
The goals of the Sejong Writing Competition are to discover children and young adults talented in writing and to encourage them to learn and write about Korean and its culture. Through this writing competition we hope to increase the awareness and understanding of Korea’s cultural heritage amongst the younger generations growing up in the United States so as to promote harmony among people of various ethnic backgrounds and bridge Asian and Western cultures.

Essay category:
The theme for the 2010 essay competition is Korean folktales. Contestants are to write an essay in response to one of three provided prompts regarding a folktale of the contestant's choice. Contestants must choose one of the stories listed on our folktales page.

Sijo category:
Created in collaboration with the Korea Institute at Harvard University, the goal of our sijo category is to introduce students to a lesser-known style of poetry, the traditional Korean sijo. Read examples of sijo, or last year's winning entries.

The competition is now open and will accept accept entries through April 30, 2010.
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