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Submissions Call to 2Leaf Press

25 February 2010
Submissions Call to 2Leaf Press
2Leaf Press is owned and operated by the Intercultural Alliance of Artists & Scholars, Inc. (IAAS), a New York-based nonprofit organization that promotes multicultural literature and literacy.

2Leaf Press is dedicated to publishing original, new and exciting poetic works of a multicultural nature that explore history and culture with a political slant. We will also consider book-length literary essays and essay collections, short stories and novellas that are multicultural in scope, through the publication of limited edition chapbooks, books and anthologies.

Not long ago, it was very difficult to find literature that reflects the extraordinary mix of people and cultures in the United States, in part because many believed that the experiences of some people were not worthy of discussion. Things are much different today. In recent years, many people have come to realize and experience the similar yet diverse cultures that make up America. Every culture has a rich literary tradition; inherent within them are ideas about life, love, values, peace and struggle. As a result, the term “multiculturalism” rapidly escalated into a movement that has brought about recognition of, sensitivity to, and appreciation for the diverse cultures that make up American society.

2Leaf Press is committed to publishing books of passion and purpose that celebrate the authentic voices of multicultural writers, because we recognize the need for writers to breathe on their own without suffocating the premise of multicultural literature to death. However, we're not looking for manuscripts that solely "whine and complain" — one-note books that lack variety of tone. For us, multiculturalism is not brown versus white; rather it involves a myriad of distinct ethnic groups, social classes, genders, sexual orientations, immigrant statuses, time periods, political beliefs and writing styles, which reflect the emotional highs and lows associated with living in such a diverse country as America.

We want writers to dig to the marrow, the pain, sorrow and joy of their existence so that the audience can make connections to similar situations they could not possibly fathom. We want to provide our readers with some new aspect of our own humanity. We believe in a sense of place and person, in writing that reveals through its directness an essential human story.

2Leaf Press is seeking submissions of original, new and exciting poetic works of a multicultural nature which explore history and culture with a political slant. We are interested in poetry, short stories, essays, collections, fiction and nonfiction works. We will consider manuscript submissions beginning April 1, 2010.

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