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Seeking Short Story Submissions

23 February 2010
Seeking Short Story Submissions
Singlesolitarythought.com is a new online journal collection of short stories meant to highlight up and coming writers, experienced scribblers, and all in between. Through story telling, we seek to enlighten, educate, challenge, and inspire those around us to make change for the better and learn about people and places they might not meet on their everyday travels. Our title, Single Solitary Thought, refers to a time when a person might step away from conflict in their life and readily enter into a world of clarity unlike one they've known.

We are actively seeking submissions for our March and April stories of the month. Here is what we are seeking:

Previously unpublished fiction stories.

Mainstream (non genre) short stories - think Ann Beattie, Charles Baxter, John Updike, but not exclusively. Preference to those stories which, like these authors, bring to light the suburban/rural experience.

Submission Guidelines:

Limit two total stories per author annually in PDF or MS Word files (please do not send in Word ‘Docx’ or txt files). Submissions must be double spaced. No chapters of books or pieces that do not stand alone as a short story. Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but please inform us of this beforehand and extend a retraction email to us if your story is accepted elsewhere. Any stories that rely heavily on offensive content and language and grammatically erroneous submissions will not be considered. Please do not write to check on the status of your submission - we're not able provide feedback or reviews, but a reply will be sent to you in approximately 3 months regardless of our decision.

Not seeking reprints. English language stories only. 50 word bio with your contact information. We will retain exclusive rights for exactly one month after online publishing at which point, rights will revert back to the author. We retain the right to keep the piece online for archival purposes. No repeat submissions if you have previously submitted a particular story to us.

Each month the selected stories will be posted on our website. Currently, we plan on posting one flash fiction story (1,500 words or less) and one short story (5,000 words or less) each month starting in February 2010. At the end of the calendar year one story will be selected from each category (one flash fiction/one short story) as our stories of the year, the decision being made by the editorial staff – each rewarded with a prize of $100.00.

Please send all submissions to: submissions at singlesolitarythought.com.
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