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Nilita Vientos Gaston Writing Competition

23 February 2010
Nilita Vientos Gaston Writing Competition
Deadline: March 5, 2010

The Seventy-Ninth Volume of the University of Puerto Rico Law Review cordially invites you to participate in its annual Nilita Vientós Gastón Writing Competition. The topic to be developed on the participating essays is: Law and Health.

Entries shall address one or several of the following six topics:

· The relationship between the proliferation of malpractice lawsuits and increasing healthcare costs
· Increasing prescription drugs costs vis à vis protecting intellectual property
· Free market versus universal insurance
· Freedom of choice versus the State as guardian of individual rights
· Legalization of illegal drugs
· Public health as an element of environmental regulation

A $1,000.00 USD cash prize will be awarded to the best essay. In addition, entries will be eligible for publication in the next volume of the University of Puerto Rico Law Review. To receive the Contest Rules or for any other inquiry, write an e-mail to revjurupr@gmail.com.

(For more information, please visit their website HERE.)
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