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INDImag’s Katha Sagar Contest

20 February 2010
INDImag’s Katha Sagar Contest
INDImag is happy to announce its Katha Sagar Contest.

Stories, like clay, provide an endless medium of possibilities limited only by the author’s imagination. We want to unleash a sea of these stories. Hence Katha Sagar..

When cable TV was something you heard other countries had, when blogging was not even a thought and when Aamir Khan-Juhi Chawla had broken out into a song, pimples and stardom all for the first time in late 80s, our good old Doordarshan gave us a few programs that were a class apart. “Katha Sagar” was one such. Short stories sourced from authors around the world were crafted into bite-sized, 30 minute serials aired once a week, introducing many of us into this wonderful art — story-telling.

By borrowing the name of our inspiration, we hope to honor it and try and unleash a sea of tales.“Katha Saagar” .

For more information, please visit their website. Click HERE.)
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