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Call for Submissions to Aberrant Dreams

23 February 2010
Call for Submissions to Aberrant Dreams
Aberrant Dreams is a serial publication bearing the electronic International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) number 1554-0081, and is published electronically to the World Wide Web. Aberrant Dreams accepts submissions of short fiction and poetry by the guidelines below.

Short Fiction Submissions
Aberrant Dreams accepts short fiction submissions of the fantasy, science fiction and supernatural horror genres. We look for stories with a solid plot and good character development. Stories should grab the reader’s attention quickly. Stories should be original and not a rehash of tired old themes. If you do draw from an old theme, add a twist to make it unique.

Aberrant Dreams pays 3 cents per word up to a maximum of $100.00 per accepted story submission.

Poetry Submissions
At last, Aberrant Dreams is re-openning to poetry submissions. At current, poetry will be a web-only feature of the magazine. Aberrant Dreams is looking for well crafted speculative poetry--all kinds (sci-fi, fantasy, and horror). While we like free verse poetry, if your poem has a strong rhyme and meter pattern, it will have a much better chance of acceptance.

Aberrant Dreams pays $1 dollar per line up to a maximum of $50.00 per accepted poem submission.

(For more information, please visit their website HERE.)
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