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Call for Submissions: Shoots and Vines

21 February 2010
Call for Submissions: Shoots and Vines
Writers: Please edit your pieces before sending. If I do find an error, but still want to post your piece, I will ask you to correct before publication. I want clean work. I don’t mind sex scenes as long as they aren’t porn. Porn leaves a taste in the mouth I don’t enjoy. I want thought provoking pieces, not rants.

S&V has moved forward to print only. Work is no longer published daily online. All subs are considered for print.

Send your submissions to printsubs@shootsandvines.com. Don’t forget to include a bio. Add a link to your work online if you wish.

I started this site to feature underground writers whose work I appreciate. I have always been a strong supporter of the DIY culture and will continue be a strong supporter by making S&V available to all at a zero to low cost. I think writers need a platform which isn’t always available in our current lit environment so I want to offer that platform to them.

(For more information, please visit their website HERE.)
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