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Call for Submissions for TransMen of Color FTM Anthology

23 February 2010
Call for Submissions for TransMen of Color FTM Anthology
CALL for SUBMISSIONs for Volumes I & II
DEADLINE: open until Midnight, 31 MARCH 2010.

Volume I: African-descended TransMen
Volume II: We want the same types of works and this volume is dedicated to our Native American, Latin, Chicano and all people of Spanish Speaking Decent
Volume III: Call for Asian and Pacific Islander friends will go out in 2011.

21st Century Kings: An Introduction to A New Brown-Skinned Masculinity

All submissions, commentary and visual works will be fully considered. Each submission will receive a receipt of delivery via email. We are also seeking/accepting photos, sketches, drawings, digital imagery, cartoons and did we say poetry?!

Word Count/Page Limits:
- Personal Narratives: Up to 15 pages/5000 words – Double Spaced
- Fiction: Up to 15 pages/3750 words – Double Spaced
- Critical Essays and Cultural Critiques: Up to 15 pages (including bibliography) 3750 words – Double Spaced
- Poetry/Rhymes: No more than 3 pages per poem/rhyme and 3 poems per poet/MC – Double Spaced
- Graphic Stories: No more than three pages per submission (number of panels up to you). Up to three pieces/stories per artist.
- Photographs/ Paintings/ Collage/Drawings: 3-5, scanned as B/W only. (No originals; we are not returning ANYTHING).

DEADLINE: open until Midnight, 31 MARCH 2010.
Please copy and paste your text into your email. Please send images in .jpg format or paste into document. Mail to: 3kingsanthology@gmail.com

Here is our CURRENT FOCUS of WORKS being requested:
1. As Men: African-descended TransMen on their life, experience, and journey to ‘man’.
2. Third Sex/Recognise Me For Me: Passing African-descended butches and non-transitioned/No-Ho Transgender folks on their life, experience and journey to be a true expression of themselves.
3. In Spirit We Trust (?): TransMen and Spirituality

Contact: 3kingsanthology@ gmail.com

We are currently in negotiation with a publisher and will have one listed shortly.

Copyrights: We will retain copyrights until publication. You have full rights after publication. Please note that we respect your privacy, while we prefer you use a pseudonym, we will be accepting a limited number of anonymous works.
(Scheduled for 2011: Volume II: TransMen of the Americas: Native American, Latin, Chicano and more – Volume III: For our Asian, South Asian, Pacific Islanders and more)

(For more information, please visit their website HERE.)
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