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Call For Poetry Submissions: Umbrella

26 February 2010
Call For Poetry Submissions: Umbrella
The Spring-Summer 2010 Umbrella publishes May 1. We look forward to reading your submissions on both general themes and the theme described in the following paragraph. Also, please keep scrolling for important information regarding our poetry and prose preferences. Reading period: January 10-April 10.

We are not sure yet if we will be publishing a theme “extra” in spring or in a later issue, but we do have a theme in mind and we invite work for it. The theme is “gall” and the Free Online Dictionary describes the word as follows: Bitterness of feeling; rancor. Something bitter to endure. Outrageous insolence; effrontery. We want to see poems that draw their inspiration from states of mind or experiences that are the opposite of sweetness and light. They are unconcerned, these poems, with decorum, uplift or redemption. They do not soar but rather dig, thrust, keen or shudder. The province is not the mountain but the valley; not the cloud but the cave. The type of poem some readers might shun because its vividity drums up feelings that are difficult to handle. Lest it not be clear, we also seek poems that are of literary value, that are well-crafted and that work around an umbrella idea. For this “extra” we will allot some space for poems that have appeared previously in print. Your editor is quailing already, but she can’t wait to read these submissions.

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