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1st Annual The MAG Short Story Writing Contest

29 January 2010
1st Annual The MAG Short Story Writing Contest
Today everyone wants things that are fast. If it is food, it has to be “fast-food” . If it is cricket, it has to be “Twenty20″. If it is writing it has to be “Twitter” – where you say what you got to say in 140 characters or less. The desire for faster, and shorter – read quicker – version of things is not misplaced. We have only 24 hours in a day – the same as people had when there was no TV, no Internet, no Telephone, etc. With all these amenities, we have become strained for time, and want to make the best possible use of the time available with us.

The worst hit in this regard, some experts say, is reading. No one these days seems to have enough time curl up with their favourite book, and read deep into the night. The experts, however, also agree that reading as a habit won’t die easily, or maybe it won’t die at all. The MAG, in its endeavour to promote quality writing and thus encourage the good, old, reading habit, is holding a Short Story Writing Competition from 10th January 2010 to 31st May 2010. The winners will get a chance to get published and win some attractive prizes too.

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